What is KA.CI url ?

Ka.ci Short Link is a short URL (short link) service made entirely by Dakarlocat, which can turn long website address into simple, memorable and good-looking short links.

In short, for example, the long link space.bilibili.com/5986670 can be accessed through ka.ci/cat just by generating a “Ka.ci short url” !

Usage ?

If you didn’t understand the above instruction, the following cases will make you fully understand:

Case 1

Dakarlocat is an uploader from Bilibili, when she is trying to promote her Bilibili homepage on socia media or offline meetting, she can only post her own Bilibili homepage URL from url bar.


In some situation, others may not be willing to copy, click or remember this link and paste this link into their browser. So Dakarlocat used “Ka.ci short URL” which can be freely customized and the long link now turn into this:


This url is not only short but also good-looking and easy to remember.

Case 2

Dakarlocat is doing a questionnaire project using wjx.cn (a questionnaire platform) to creat a questionnaire, and it’s generated share link look like this:


Dakarlocat wants her friends on social media to do this questionnaire. But how? Using a sharing link or generating a QR code is centainly a way, but a more effective way is generating a short url for this questionnaire.


By using the freely customizable Ka.ci short url, Darkarlocat get a short and good-looking link, also making her survey nicer.

Solutions for customizing short URLs

You can choose a diverse range of customized short URLs here at KA.CI ! Our price is much lower than others.(CNY)

6 digit random generated URL(1 month) : free

4+ dight customized url (3 month) : ¥3
4+ dight customized url (1 year) : ¥9
3 dight customized url (3 month) : ¥9
3 dight customized url (1 year) :

4+ dight customized url (Permanent) : ¥28
1~3 dight customized url (Permanent) : Contact c@ka.ci for price

* Permanent here means during the running time of this website, we will try our best to maintain this website with its service.

KA.CI URL can be used under these situation:

For Personal : Personal space, invitation links, share links, friends’ codes, oftenly used links which is hard to remember, etc
For Projects : Questionnaires, content promotion, project promotion, group activities, etc…
For Companys : Company website, product links, Advertising, etc…