Revision Date: 2022/11/28 Short Link Service is a short URL/short link service created by Dakarlocat.
We use the word “we” below to represent the “ Short Link Service”.
By using Short Link Service 4.1, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to the following content.

To get short links

You can follow the tutorial from the Get Tutorial page to get a short link.

How to use

After getting your link, you can jump to the long link via your short link
You can find your short link information on the query page.

Type of Service

Individuals can apply multiple times for this site’s short link jump service.
Jump services are divided into limited-time and permanent*.
Limited-time means that the service will expire after a certain period of time (you can check the detail on the inquiry page) and permanent means that the service is supported until the site is shut down

Terms and Conditions of Use

As our customer, you are responsible for all your short links. The following is agreed and understood by you:
1. It is prohibited to use any sensitive content or controversial content that violates the law, violence, pornography, inappropriate political content, etc. as short chain suffixes, target links and page names.
2. After obtaining the service, if the target link contains illegal and violent, pornographic, political and other sensitive factors, or if the link jumped to the inaccessible / inappropriate content, we will stop the jumping service as appropriate
3. It is forbidden to abuse the server’s CPU and RAM resources in any way that could affect the performance of other clients on the server.
4. If your behavior continues to damage the reputation of our IP addresses and services, we may cancel your service.
5. We do not accept any refunds if you have acquired the Service by paying for it.
6. This service has no server uptime guarantee and may be discontinued at any time.
7. In the event of force majeure, the service may be discontinued. Please note that no refunds will be made when the service is discontinued.
8. If you get the “permanent” short chain, your short chain is “permanent”, you can use it until the service is stopped.
*We will try to run on and will not stop the service so easily
9. You can transfer your registered short links (including transferring to yourself), after transferring, you need to change the target link and page name. If you need to transfer, please contact us ( after you and the transferee reach an agreement and provide the verification code got during the registration time to prove that you are the owner of this short link, and provide the target link and page name after transferring, the contact information of the transferee (the next transfer of this short link should be started by the transferee), and pay the same fee as the registration fee.
*Please note: Non-permanent short links are not renewed after the transferring.

For any damages arising from the use of the service against anyone(including yourself), the user (yourself) agrees to assume and undertakes that Shortlink is not liable for the above mentioned damages.
We reserve the right to refuse, cancel or suspend service. If you violate the terms of service listed therein, your short link will be cancelled and no refund will be made. Short Link Service reserves the right to modify any or all of the above agreements, terms, etc. without notice. We also reserve the right to revise any pricing and change short linking plans without notice.


The latest announcements related to short link are in QQ group: 654964816, please join, if you are using short link service, please join this group to avoid missing important news.